February 1st, 2009

sf doctor FANtastic!

and me and me i think i'm getting there

Busy but pleasant day today. I miraculously got up in time for qigong class, despite being exhausted last night. So I got that done, and then went over to hang out with netcurmudgeon and Sunil for a few hours, while netcurmudgeon obliged me by taking a bunch of photos of me, since (finally) a publisher has decided that they want to use an actual image of me on a book cover. (I always figured that they were afraid I'd scare off readers.)

Anyway, this is the one we're going with, unless casacorona hates it (click for bigger):

Man. I used to be a little bit cute. And now I have turned into a scary, dyky middle-aged Russian lady. It's always a shock.

Now I'm waiting for the delivery people to bring me my unhealthy dinner, and meanwhile maybe I will read some more of this book.

ETA: Oh, and truepenny and I have sold reprint rights to "Boojum" to the Hartwell & CramerYear's Best SF*, and I have sold reprint rights to Shoggoths in Bloom to the Hartwell & CramerYear's Best F. Good year to be a Lovecraftian story by me, I guess.

*"Boojum" will also be in the Strahan and Dozois year's bests, and maybe another one? I seem to have lost track here somehow....
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