February 2nd, 2009

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Since my dad has mentioned this on his blog, I guess it's okay to mention it on mine. My cousin apparently killed herself with an OD in New York City (where she was studying art, and, based on circumstantial evidence, spending most of her time stoned) this weekend.

I haven't seen her in years, and my family is pretty much a whole James McMurtry album, nevermind just one song, but this just sucks. Katie was 19. She leaves her parents, a half-sister, and a whole lot of random cousins and so forth who never talk to one another.

Artistic junkies. Still not romantic.

And unlikely ever to become so.
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gone daddy gone, the love is gone

Spent most of the say writing, with the net result of 2009 words and two scenes completed on the mermaid. Two or maybe three scenes to go, and I know what they all are and what the last sentence of the story is. I have that feeling you get sometimes, that this might be a good one.

Sadly, after it's done, I have to start revising Chill, as my submission deadline (revised) is in March. Also, I want it done and gone.

See, guilt gorilla? We got work done today. We justified our carbon footprint. You can go have a nap now.