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bear by san

March 2017



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February 8th, 2009

rengeek superbard! _ strangepowers

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Courtesy of the magical web ghoul, and per customer request, the index page of my website is now graced with a paypal donation button by means of which anybody who cares to amend their karma for illegally downloaded fiction may do so.
lion in winter broken because you're bri

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January thaw in February, this year. It's 52 degrees and, while I was in t'ai chi this morning, we had a little squall pass through. Very pretty, in the big room with all the windows. It got dark!

Today we did a new form, yin yang medical t'ai chi, and then we did a Yang style flow which we had practiced for the past couple of weeks. I feel suitably awesome. Funny how some forms of exercise (t'ai chi/qigong, yoga, swimming, climbing, running outdoors, hiking) leave me feeling so very balanced, elevated, and comforted, while lifting weights or hitting the treadmill or ski machine will do a pretty good job of de-haywiring the old serotonin factory, but they don't have the same real emotional benefits. It's also interesting that after all these years of living with my poor miswired brain, I can usually tell the difference between what the chemicals are telling me and what my actual emotions are.

Also, I love my new workout pants. Pretty much everything by Prana is awesome--and they actually make clothes big enough to fit me, though only just: I'm not exactly in the middle of their size range. On the other hand, they get points for not assuming all yogis and climbing chicks are size 2 and have no bosoms--but these pants in particular may have just become my favorite article of clothing. They're stretchy, they breathe, they're not flimsy, and by dog they're even flattering to the chunky chick, which is a pretty good trick in an article of clothing that fits like a second skin.