February 16th, 2009

writing dust bible 'house of dust"

your fragile aftershot shock

Home, and about to head out to climb in an hour or so.

I seem to have a cat glued to my ankle. She didn't miss me: she just missed her sofa.

Wrote a bunch of SU stuff on the plane and in airports. We're gearing up! March 1 is looooming! Better get a move on if you aren't caught up with the current state of Shadow Unit.

In other news, I think Friday and Saturday will be the Annual 48-hour booksale, wherein I clear my shelves of the endless detritus of author copies. There sure are a lot of these things. I think they breed when my back is turned.

My neck is killing me. I'm so glad to be back in my own bed. I think I'm officially old.

Tomorrow, I have to start revising Chill.
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    purring and washing

spent all of my life emptied of anthems

I am working on 5.8s. I hate working on 5.8s, because it means failing a hell of a lot. So I failed on a black 5.8 on the side wall, and on a green striped 5.8 (I think? It's still unrated.) on the slab wall (though I did no-feet and then downclimb a new easy orange route, also unrated, but probably a 5.5 or so). And then I failed on a 5.8 and a 5.8- on the barrel vault. And then failed on an orange 5.7 I've done before.


And after such a thrilling week of wiktory in Austin, too.

Too bad. So sad. Here, I comfort myself with more thrilling Austin signage.

leighton pavonia

it's a ritual self-torture

Ellen Datlow announces the sale of the Lovecraft Unbound anthology, which includes stories by me-and-truepenny, greygirlbeast, stillsostrange, nihilistic_kid, and others.

(Here's where you can find the concert I'm listening to, by the way. Chaz needs to stop getting me hooked on music. OTOH, how can you resist a guy who uses the word radiolarian in his lyrics?)