February 18th, 2009

criminal minds jj this is the lie

when digging deeper what you find, the skeleton is best left behind

My review of Criminal Minds 04x14 is up at Tor.com. 

And I am groveling away at Chill. Page 133. It still hasn't fallen apart in a giant heap of suck, which makes me even more apprehensive that the giant pile of suck must be around the next corner. Because I distinctly remember giant piles of suck in this book.

Maybe I got most of it the last time I vacuumed? It seems like too much to hope for, but so far it's holding together pretty well. Or maybe I'm just delusional from reading and revising it too many times.

you taste like tear stains and could have beens, but i love a good train wreck.

I am officially off the 5.7 plateau and onto the 5.8 one. Tonight, I resent an overhung 5.7, worked on an underated 5.7 project route in the corner, did a V.0 and some traversing, worked on a 5.9 and a 5.8 that I think I also have to call projects at this point, and redid a 5.7 with a roof that I haven't touched in a while. All in all, a really good climbing night.

The 5.9, I have the bottom half of, and I'm pretty proud of that, because it's overhung and all off-balance slopers. Very technical. (We have decided that routes can be hard, difficult, complicated, or all three. Hard routes are physically challenging, difficult routes are technical, and complicated routes are intellectual. This one is all three. *sigh* Also, it scrapes my hands to hell and gone.)

I almost have the 5.8. I can send it, but it's ugly, and the last move is a total flail.