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bear by san

March 2017



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February 23rd, 2009

froud magician

going once, going twice, mercy god, jesus christ

It is the heart that kills us in the end
Just one more old broken bone that cannot mend.

That was a fairly ambitious weekend. Saturday, the Jeff and I went for a hike out in Middletown (chilly!) and then decided to lunch at the Half Moon Cafe--where we fortuitously ran into treize64, who is so totally one of the Bright Young People who is bent on saving the world it makes my heart hurt a little.

Yesterday, I went to tai chi (we're continuing our overview of styles: this week we did Eight Pieces of Brocade, and it was really neat).

Afterwards, however, I drove up to Boston to have dinner with was06066 and his husband, who are so delightful they also make my heart hurt a little, and then was06066 and I abandoned poor Chris and took off to see Buddy Miller, Emmylou Harris, Shawn Colvin, and Patty Griffin perform at the Orpheum. Sadly, Buddy wasn't there last night--he's been taken ill--but... well, all I got is wow.

A drunken softball team (or something) off to House Left was yelling in a manner more fitting for a Motley Crue concert, but eventually the ushers intervened, and the music... was just amazing. I'm a huge Emmylou fan, and I've always liked Patty Griffin an awful lot, but I've not been a big fan of Shawn Colvin, and I'm here to say I'm wrong. The studio versions of her songs do not begin to do justice to her guitar playing or her stage presence. She was astounding.

They were so obviously having so much fun up there--Emmylou with her silver hair shining under the stage lights and her bracelets glittering, Shawn with her guitar player arms, patty making fun of her inability to remember to plug in her guitar, the three of them declaring that they were changing the band name to the "Wicked Tarts"* in honor of Boston and dessert. Emmylou opened, more or less, with "Red Dirt Girl," and Patty did "Rain," and I'd say a single perfect tear crossed my cheek except really I was crying like a little girl.

And then they covered Tom Waits' "Hold On," and it was just about all over.

They really made my night, however, with Shawn's song "I'm Gone," and a soft and sorrowful version of "The Pearl," which some of you may remember was the unofficial theme song of Carnival, along with Vienna Teng's "Gravity."

Nothing has changed
Since the last time I came
My pride and my hat in my hand
I never sleep well
I still kiss and tell
And I do not pay the band.


*pronounced wickhed taht
holmes confidence

(no subject)

And now, I get to start packing (because I hope I am moving next week, OMG) and continue working on Chill, which are my two projects for the rest of the week.
criminal minds reid eat

(no subject)

Hey, is there any specific term for a dish of rice cooked with other stuff in it? I've always called the category "pilaf," but apparently that's technically incorrect, as tanaise informs me that a pilaf has to contain orzo or other pasta?

Basically I'm thinking of dishes such as red beans and rice, dirty rice, arroz con frijoles, biryani, tagine, paella, jambalaya, pilaf, fried rice, risotto, and so on. It seems like every culture has one--

(Right now, as part of operation Clean The Fridge, I am making one containing brown rice, diced sundried tomatoes, preserved lemon, kalamata olives, and almonds, and a fistful of red lentils. It smells awfully good.)
can't sleep books will eat me

the motel ceiling stares you down

Well, I have cleaned and packed and poked at the novel a little, and I have also finished Book #10, The House With The Clock In Its Walls by John Bellairs.

I love me some John Bellairs.