March 11th, 2009

writing one-eyed jack

you turn kings into beggars and beggars into kings

Okay, I need to stop revising and go put on my climbing pants, but the laziness is heavy in this one today.

Revisions on One-Eyed Jack & The Suicide King are going remarkably well. I'm already on page 36, and I have a really good idea of what I need to add and how I need to play it. And I figured out a thematic problem that was bothering me, and I have an easy fix. So huzzah for that.

I think I might be able to get this done in a week or so.

Of course, what I'm revising here is fourth draft, so it's not like there's a lot of sentence-level fiddling left to do.

Something unexpected happened: I like this book. Last time I read it, I hated it, so I think that's pretty cool.


You'd think anybody who'd been dead for any time at all would have had enough of blackness and shadows. Sycorax reveled in them. If she were three hundred years younger, she'd have been a gothchick.

Mean things: impalement, snipers, mind control, starvation, vampires, interfering avatars of dead Hollywood starlets, not getting to hear the end of the song.
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she thought she could stand up in the deep end

I had an absolutely great climbing night tonight. Started off warming up on a new 5.6, and having done that followed on in quick succession with a new 5.8 and then a new 5.5 (I did them as a relay, so up one and then immediately up the next one). And then I redid a 5.8 I've been sending in the ugliest manner possible, and this time I figured out the right way to do it (which, memo to me, involves using the edge of the roof as an undercling). After that, I decided I'd had enough success for one night, so I went out back to work on a green 5.? which I have been unable to send, because it has a long balancy segment in the middle on the arrete, and tonight I got it. (The secret is to move both feet up before I try to stand up, not just one, even though it's weird and treefroggy).

It was ugly as sin, and I did the last part as a total thrash, but I got it.

Then I did a little bit of work no-hands and then downclimbing on the slab wall, and called it a night.


I am a good girl, and also virtupus. I went climbing even though I felt like blowing it off, and I did awesome when I got there.

And now I have a sort of totally fake beef paprikash that's been in the crockpot all day, and I have a new Criminal Minds episode tonight, promising Emily backstory.

If I were a dog, I would have to say: "Best day ever! "