March 14th, 2009

sf doctor FANtastic!

(big dog sigh)

The Giant Ridiculous Dog has landed, and is currently sacked out beside my bed with his teddy bear. It's been a very exciting and stressful day, and he got to come play with lots of monkeys, and then the monkeys went home, and he's here with his crate and his teddy bear and his soccer ball, and not very sure where he fits into the scheme of the house yet. Poor GRD.

It's a hard life.

It'll get better.

Yes, there will be photos, but not tonight. I didn't want to put him through the additional stress, especially after he threw his dinner around the crate in a temper fit.

The Complaint Department is curled up behind a pillow fort on the big chair downstairs, pretending she doesn't know any of us, and has never seen us before. She'll get over it sooner or later. So far, she and the GRD seem content to ignore each other's existence, which I think is probably as it should be.

(The GRD, for those who missed it, is a 3 year old black-born gray male Briard, who is the grandson of my mother's foundation bitch. He's a lovely boy, quite smart, and he's come to me because his previous owners could not keep him due to a personality conflict with their son's Rhodesian ridgeback, where "personality conflict" is a euphemism for violent hatred. He's understandably a little worried right now, but I think we'll get along just fine when he's had a chance to figure out that he's safe here and he's not going to have to change houses again.)

(Poor GRD. He really wants to jump up on the bed with me, but he's too polite to do so without an invite, and because of the Complaint Department, I suspect it would be better if he learns that his spot is beside the bed. It's very nice carpet: he's not suffering from sleeping there.)