March 24th, 2009

ace the wonder dog

"this is not the most intelligent thing i've ever done." -- les stroud

I have a yoga dog.

Actually, right now he's circling the living room and library with his giant red stuffed frog in his mouth (particularly hysterical: even funnier than the teddy bear) while my roomie packs up her stuff to go to w!rk. But a few minutes ago, while the tea was brewing, I decided to take a few minutes to stretch out the hell that is my lower back this morning (I'm sure this is the cat's fault, as she was sleeping on my head all night) and he came right over beside me and started demonstrating downward-facing dog, and upward-facing dog, and plank position.

I think his sun salutations are better than mine.

Good climbing night last night. I redpointed the orange 5.8 on the slab that I thrashed my way up last Wednesday (this means I climbed it without falls or breaks, but with previous experience), and I also re-sent two hard 5.7s, one overhung (on a negative pitch, as they say), that I'd done before. And I thrashed my way up a new unrated route on a slight positive pitch, which consensus is is probably a hard 5.7 or a 5.8.

I have, I think, shown improvement. Being lighter helps an awful lot. Also, my joints (including my unstable ankle, my weak wrist, my hinky elbow, my bum finger, and both complainy big toes) are complaining less. Tape works!

You know, NPR can stop telling me about the recession depression now. I know.

In a moment here, I have to heat up some breakfast, then go upstairs and start work on the CEM. Other projects today: get to the gym, and also walk the giant dog, who did not get to go for a walk for the last two days due to humans overscheduling themselves. (He did get to play fetch in the back yard, so he was not entirely without exercise.)

Tomorrow is dog-grooming day. Oh noes! Can he really have been here for ten days already?

But right now, I'm going to read my internets.