March 31st, 2009

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never make a promise or plan. take a little love where you can.

This morning, a peregrine falcon flew over my head while I was out in the backyard with the dog. She landed in the big pine tree in the neighbor's yard, and while I was angling to get a better look at her, she noticed me and ducked out of sight. She had something small and unfortunate in her talons, but I didn't quite see what it was.

She was not a particularly large peregrine, and may indeed have been a he, as she was just about 3/4th the size of a big crow.

I'm not really surprised to see her here, as there are some thickety patches around that are absolutely crawling with songbirds. Or, as she likes to call them, snacks.

In other fine raptorial news, the falcons are also back on the Traveler's Tower in Hartford, and they have three eggs. (Links on the page to the Hartford Falconcam)
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lay a morning glory at my head and feet

I have added 2,345 words to The Sea thy Mistress today, through the time-honored method of dragging myself forward over ridged red-hot iron plates by the palms of my hands. In a kinder world, this would eventually stop hurting quite so much, but I rather imagine it's only going to get more painful.

Still, it beats starving in a gutter. Or so I keep telling myself. Though that may be over faster.

I'm going to take a little bit of a break here and maybe take the dog for a walk, and when that's done, come home and make dinner and then go back to work.

The dog spent the afteernoon being exceptionally cute. This was, I think, his first experience with peanut butter, or a Kong toy, though with a little coaching he figured out how to manage both pretty well. And peanut butter is very nice, thank you.

Thank God for dogs. They are the sovereign cure for self-pity and existential malaise.

Steam, steam, a hundred bad dreams.

as your confession draws me near

Because we have the best fans anywhere, the Shadow Unit community has put together a master chronology for folks who want to catch up on the series from the beginning and understand what the hell is going on. (Apparently, they're also working on a guide to the character livejournals, as a certain amount of narrative happens over there, as well.)

So if you wanted to get involved, but you were feeling a little at a loss, this would be a great time. Especially since the second episode of the second season, Leah Bobet's "Sugar," debuts on Sunday.

For those of you who haven't yet heard about the whole Shadow Unit thing, it's an interactive online hyperfiction environment, of sorts. Or, more clearly, it's a long, collaborative, ongoing narrative, currently written by a cast of award-nominated-and-winning SFF authors including me, coffeeem, truepenny, leahbobet, stillsostrange, and blackholly, licensed under creative commons, with an active fan community and a whole lot of fun.

It concerns the adventures of a group of unrealisticly sexy FBI agents as they attempt to hunt down a malignant force of unknown origin that grants supernatural powers--and supernatural malevolence--to certain individuals (and of course, some of those agents have been touched by this force as well). The narrative includes long stories, vignettes, character journals, art, and a whole lot of recipes.

Currently, it comprises about three novels worth of stuff.

And it's free! It's shareware, in fact: you have access to every bit of the content for the low, low price of nothing, and only throw us money if you think we've earned it.

It's sort of like Public Radio, only (sadly) without Carl Kasell.
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