April 1st, 2009

david bowie black tie - sosostris2012

maybe a nice chesterfield or an ottoman.

9. All stories end the same way. It's easy when you know how.
8. No, I won't judge you.
7. I know you'd like to think so, but you don't have to be afraid.
6. The lies we tell others about ourselves are no different than the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves. But not as comforting as the lies we tell ourselves about others.
5. It came to you in a dream that you were wrong.
4. You had an epiphany.
3. Yes, it's like a villanelle.
2. Oh, honey.
1. Come inside and be warm.

writing gorey vast reluctance

i've got the antichrist in the kitchen yelling

Is it really too much to ask that readers fill in the obvious logical steps and suppositions for themselves rather than having to be hand-held through everything? I mean, if you can get a stove from a nearby town to a farmhouse, and you know there are mules, doesn't that imply there's a cartage industry?

Yeah, I know. The answer is the question. Shut up and write the exposition, Bear.

But it doesn't actually help the conviction that not only is nobody actually going to read all this incredibly boring exposition I'm currently writing, but in fact, they're never going to finish the book because I'm telling them ast such great length stuff that any idiot could figure out if they took a minute. Because nobody actually wants to read a paragraph about the local teamster's union, unless it was written by William Goldman.