April 3rd, 2009

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So the current dog/cat plan (I know you are all waiting with bated breath) is to set up a baby gate at the bottom of the stair, so the cat (eventual cats, as the Best Roomie Ever plans to obtain a cat at soonest opportunity) may rule the upstairs, and come and go as they please, while the dog will have the run of the downstairs.

Theoretically, Ace could pretty easily clear a baby gate, as he did the front steps in one hop from a standing start yesterday. (Apparently, he's feeling his oats, or whatever non-oat-eating-life forms feel when they feel it.) However, one of the very cool things about Briards is that they are boundary herders, which means its bred in their bones to respect and enforce man-made boundaries. (When doing the job they are designed for, they essentially function as living fences and gates.)

Just to give an example of how well this works, we were out in the back yard, which we share with the neighbors on the other side of the duplex, and the neighbor was grilling chicken on his side of the yard. Dog crack, right? The Briard walked to the invisible line that separates His Yard from the Other Yard, and did not cross it.

Now, Ace actually will wait quite patiently at the bottom of the stairs indefinitely, but it's a little too much temptation for any dog to expect him to stay downstairs without supervision (say, overnight) without a little reinforcement, especially when there are OMG KITTIES! upstairs.

Just now, he was sulking at me until I figured out he wanted me to go sit on the sofa so he could snuggle. Awww.

lap dog:

20090403 002

Also, Spring is coming:

20090403 001

In other news, on page 84 of the worst novel in the English language, and groveling forward. I keep wondering when the resignation is going to set in.

However, "Smile" finally started talking to me this morning, which is encouraging, even if it's really just my brain frantically trying to stop me from working on the novel. In a crowning irony, given how boring I usually find ghost stories (Beloved aside), of course "Smile" wants to be a ghost story.

Of course.
ace the wonder dog

god moves on the water like casey jones

Because you asked for it:

Here's what the process of grooming the GRD looks like. Yes, there is a dog in there somewhere.

...I think.

This takes about forty minutes twice a week, or about 90 minutes once a week. We like the first option better, because in three days he doesn't have time to matt. Basically, he gets a spray conditioner brushed through his coat in sections, which are then combed out. Yes, I do have to brush his armpits, between his toes, his butt, and his testicles, all of which are furry. He's particularly dubious about the toes part, as you can tell....

20090403 006

20090403 005
ace the wonder dog

i'm all right. don't nobody worry about me.

Really, honestly, the last dogspam post of the night...

Ace had a visitor tonight: The Lesser Ridiculous Dog, his favoritest girl dog, Banyan, one of my mom's crew.

20090403 008

Although she's about half his size, Banyan's only about two weeks younger. She's a full-grown female, but she's a small female and Ace is a large male, so that gives you an idea of the size range in the breed.

You can also really see, in these photos, that he's a grey dog, since she's a true black.

20090403 010

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