April 6th, 2009

criminal minds reid verray parfait genti

he must have tapped my telephone lines. he must have known i'm spending my time alone.

clean cat box
feed cat
take dinner out to thaw
read recipes and check that we have everything we need for tonight's and tomorrow's dinner
water garden
pay rent
pay bills
sweep floor (including bathroom)
start raspberry canes rooting
plant tomatoes and oregano
soak morning glory seeds
(Grandpa Ott's and Heavenly Blue)
make dinner
work on revision

Yep. Any work but the work we should be doing
spies mfu glower flowers

was it the girl or was it the music?

Okay, so--

Collapse )


I hope this comes off. We'll eat like queens all summer if it does, and have to take up canning. Fortunately, we have a pantry and a big basement. *g* Also, Best Roomie Ever's parents said they would give us some of their seedlings when they put their garden in...
writing gorey vast reluctance

young love, i wish you well. shotgun and wedding bell.

On page 132 of The Sea thy Mistress. Added 409 words in between bitching on Twitter that at this point, I can't even remember what happens in this book anymore, I've rewritten it so many times. I no longer have any sense of it as a story: it's just a collection of sentences.

This is the part where art and intuition fail you, and you have to fall back on cold hard craftsmanship, bullheadedness, and grim determination.

I'm not sure if I've more or less rewritten this thing from the ground up four times now, or five, or if this is the ninth or tenth general revision, but suffice it to say, I really never need to see it again after this revision is dead. Because otherwise I suspect I will be joining it.


Meanwhile, unrelated characters are throwing me sex scenes I don't actually have to have written before October of 2010 in a desperate bid to distract me from my wallowing, scathing hatred.

Well, now I have an hour to eat something before I have to saddle up and go climb. But first I have to find the energy to eat.