April 27th, 2009

loose tea for loose women

old crow watching hungrily from his perch in yonder tree

A huge, imposing thunderstorm came through last night, and the morning is now chill and perfect and freshly-washed. (Funny how, after two warm days, sixty degrees is "chill".)

The rain washed most of the petals off the magnolia, so the ground under it is now carpeted with a fabulous tapestry of rose and cream, but the pear tree in the back yard is in blossom now (I hope it's a fruiting pear. If it is, pear butter in the late summer!) and everything in the garden is up--leeks, carrots, radishes (like gangbusters), arugula, peas, lettuce, beets, collards, broccoli, onions. The strawberries are setting fruit. In two weeks, the tomato seedlings and the rest of the herbs go in, and also the corn, squash, sunflowers, eggplant, and so on. Yes, I am bouncing with delight.

Somebunny ate one of my collard plants. Ah well. I can spare it.
comics bone stupid stupid rat creatures

puppy dog waves on a big moon sea snap our heels halfheartedly

Your friendly neighborhood ER doc on swine flu "hype." 

(And a worst-case scenario.)

Again, and as I keep saying, don't panic. Don't believe everything you hear on the news. Definitely don't believe everything you hear on the internets. Inform yourself and make informed choices, but be aware. (barthanderson is doing some pretty good links roundups.)