May 12th, 2009

can't sleep books will eat me

the crowd will only like me if they're really fucking drunk.

1808 words on A Reckoning of Men today, most of it worldbuilding and introducing (or re-introducing) characters. However, this brings us to 6888 words total, plus whatever truepenny has written on her chunk, which is a pretty cheerful thing. Soon we will have the mystical Tenth Of A Book, if we do not already, and it will seem very much like it's actually a work in progress rather than something we're just diddling around on. (Because of the vagaries of manuscript word count as opposed to work processor count, 85,000 word-processor words in manuscript format comes to 400 pages, which is the contracted length of the book, give or take.)

And now, I am done with work for the day, and get to think about dinner. Which I think will be whole-wheat spaghetti with walnut pesto. And a Bass Ale.

The dogge is chewing his bone very loudly. I suspect this indicates contentment.

bad girls marlene make my day

i probably oughta quit my drinking but i don't believe i will

Yeah, so, I'm back on the novel_in_90 bandwagon for the duration. Let's see if I can average that three pages a day. Of course, this will be challenging, as there will be houseguests for 9 days of this month, and fairly extensive travel for four of those days. Also my Mom's birthday and two dog shows.


Professional writer on closed course. Do not attempt at home. At least I know what the next scene is, and the one after that.
hustle mickey worrying

if anyone can claim they're all right, so can i.

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