May 17th, 2009

writing gorey vast reluctance

you can stick your little pins in that voodoo doll. i'm very sorry baby it don't look like me at all

I am home from New York, having had a wonderful time. However, right now I'm on the big chair with a very contented dogge, who is also happy to be home (he went to stay at Grandma's and get ready for his show the weekend after next) and some tea and the page proofs for By the Mountain Bound.

La. I think this requires sherry. But I don't have any sherry. Perhaps I will settle for a glass of rye.
can't sleep books will eat me

i try to stay here but my blues go walking around

I wonder if I'm jaded enough to just pretend I read these page proofs. Since I'm kind of scrawling out of my skin right now over how much I want to cut huge chunks of exposition out of the first two chapters. How many times can we explain the same fairly uncomplicated thing?

Sigh. I know. What seems like too much exposition to me is probably actually about half as much as most readers would really prefer. It still makes me keen and rock.