May 18th, 2009

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changing guns for brooms the guards change to clean up crews

The amazing Nalo Hopkinson (in my opinion, one of the five best writers of English-language fantasy in the history of the genre) has a wonderful essay today on what it means to be a fan or writer of color in the SFF genre.

Her essay is part of a protest meant to increase the visibility of people of color within the genre.

As previously posted, that you may shop more conveniently, I offer the ongoing nonexhaustive list of authors of speculative fiction writing in or translated into English who are not of European descent.

If you think that list begins and ends with Octavia Butler and Chip Delany, may I respectfully suggest that you click the cut tag. Emendations and additions are encouraged.

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i couldn't make no living on the mainland laying tile

Today, I was made of win, awesome, and consequences. I think I leveled up in climbing.

Only four walls today, but considering that I was feeling tired and sore and staying off the overhangs, and the walls were an 5.9- (which I have done before), a 5.9+ (which I did some time ago but could not duplicate today--it's the one with the swingy barn door of an arete), a new 5.9, and a 5.8, I feel pretty good about myself. Please note, I didn't manage any of those without falls (though I came close on the 5.9-, though when I did fall I fell against the rope and gave myself a really nice forearm bruise), but on all of them except the 5.9+, I felt like I knew how to do all the moves: it was just a matter of strength.

I was particularly pleased with myself for figuring out one move on the 5.9, which involved standing up, going big, and letting myself fall sideways onto a side-pull to get opposition on the arete. And I logiced it out instead of thrashing, which felt awfully good.

I also had a small epiphany, which is that one reason the handholds suck so much on harder routes is because you're supposed to be able to do more with your feet.

Since I've been practicing footwork pretty hard, this pleases me.

...and then when I got home, I hurt my gitchy ankle getting off a chair. *sigh*

In other news, because of a frost warning, my garden is all tucked in under blankets tonight. I crack me up.