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bear by san

March 2017



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May 24th, 2009

criminal minds elle lucky

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Went out. Climbed things all day at Chatfield Hollow--and I actually climbed some things, like a climby thing, though I wish I had taped my )*&^)*&^)*(&^ wrists. Came home. Made green chicken enchiladas and Alton Brown's coconut cake.

The Jeff and Alisa de-skinned and grated TWO ENTIRE COCONUTS.

I'd like to say something about that cake, but I really can't think of anything beyond oh my god it's amazing and I can't believe the frosting came out. The frosting, you see, involves beating a meringue over a double boiler, and I was seriously convinced it was going to completely fail.

But it didn't.

Oh, my god, it was good. Oh, my god, I never want to see another slice of cake. If you think you have eated coconut cake, you have not.

Oh my god.

I die now.

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I still never need to eat again.

A couple of photos from climbing yesterday:

20090406 003

Steven found a nest of baby birds near where we rigged a 5.9. I took this with the zoom setting, standing on a nearby boulder. Nests full of baby birds pulsate in unison. Who knew? It's very Lovecraftian.

20090406 006

Scenic Chatfield Hollow, rigged for top-rope. TBRE and The Jeff, for scale.

And because no post is complete without some gratuitous house pets, a Giant Ridiculous Dog and his pretty princess pony. (TBRE maintains he's a pretty princess. He does kind of mince like a sad cat when confronted with icky wet grass or mud. So she gave him a lavender unicorn.)

20090406 002
spies mfu get plastered

but not a real pandemic, that's cruel.

The WHO is junking its old definition of "Pandemic."
rengeek will and tilda

i got a special dispensation from original sin

Today we went to Rocky Neck, so stillsostrange could do some New England Rocky Seacoast Deep One research.

Apparently, it's prom season for antique horrors from the deep: the living fossils were getting frisky.

20090406 018

We also met an unfortunate jellyfish.

Also, the latest entrant in Signage: An Occasional Series:

20090406 007
bear by san

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We made new Shadow Unit.