May 26th, 2009

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Today is going to be a good day. The GRD and the Complaint Department I have no plans except hanging around doing housework (oh, my god, the needful housework) and then in the afternoon and evening, working on our page proofs a little. So far I've washed dishes, wiped down the counters and the table, made the bed, and started laundry. Also on the agenda is vacuuming, finishing the laundry, and--you know--stuff. Like you do.

I should probably also do some weeding. And clean the catbox.

That's the unrelenting glamor of the literary life, right there. That, and cat vomit.
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(no subject)

Is this displacement activity? Why, yes it is. *g*

In actual work-related stuff, I have discovered that "Smile" wants to be Smile, and that it may not be an Elizabeth Bear book. Which is to say, it's trying to go in a direction that I'm not sure falls under the same brand.

I wonder what will wind up happening with that.