May 28th, 2009

loose tea for loose women

the manhattan skyline, a bed, and a byline

So I just opened the dishwasher to find a house centipede as long as my pinky on the inside of the door.

The centipede stared at me. I stared at the centipede.

I shouted YIKES! and  jumped back three feet, just as if I were in a cartoon. I'm not usually much troubled by bugs, but this was one epic centipede, and he caught me by surprise.

Well, he was safely transferred to a drinking glass and tossed outside, despite the dog's assistance. This is our second plumbing centipede so far. I say again, eek!

[09:55] stillsostrange: The secret of dishwashers revealed!
[09:55] stillsostrange: It's not jets of water and detergent
[09:56] stillsostrange: it's giant centipedes with spongues.
[09:56] stillsostrange: sponges
[09:56] stillsostrange: spounges?
[10:04] matociquala: spongues are like tongues.
[10:05] stillsostrange: yes
[10:05] matociquala: Only sponguier.

...and now I have to go do my pushups.