May 31st, 2009

hustle mickey worrying

that was one long poke.

Up at 6 am to make the drive to Wrentham with the TBRE and the GRD, who we then threw on the table and groomed for a 10:00 am ringtime. He didn't get put up (we got another nice blue "thanks for playing" bookmark from Open Dogs to add to his collection) but he was an absolute prince in the ring. He's remembering how to do the work.

Then he got to come out to Wolf Rock for a dry run as a climbing dog, where he was just a perfect gentleman. He's well on his way to becoming a very nice crag dog--he was mellow and kind to climbers and the occasional hiker dog, too, which is quite an accomplishment for a dog with the PTSD issues Ace has had. He seemed to understand that this was Serious Business, and that he needed to have his game face on and be a working dog, which was excellent, and means he can probably keep coming back--though I'm not yet ready to try him at Ragged, which is crowded.

I climbed a 5.8 (with a little cheating since the damned tree was in the way anyway) and a 5.5, and nobody died.

GRD is now sacked out so hard he didn't even lift his head when I went downstairs to get my phone.

And I am about to join him. Next Sunday we're going to try a herding instinct trial and see how he does with the sheeps. Memo to me: order his seat belt in the morning. Because he does have some bad habits in the car, like wanting very badly to help drive....