June 1st, 2009

ace the wonder dog

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batwrangler has graciously posted her photos of the Wrentham dog shows on her flickr account, including some pics of the Giant Ridiculous Dog and the Lesser Ridiculous Dog.

Here's the GRD in all his glory. And here's a shot of the LRD being moved in the ring. Isn't she pretty?

Tison, my mom's male, was entered Sunday as a special (basically, a returning champion) ad took best of breed--another lovely purple and yellow ribbon for his collection. No pictures of him up yet, but I'm sure there will be some soon.

In the meantime--Ace, off duty. And Banyan says "O HAI THERE!"
hustle micket con is on

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Today: two new bouldering problems sent (a V0 and an unrated one I think is probably a V1), and I made a valiant try at my project 5.8 and failed in the same damned spot. I'm getting awfully good at the bottom half, though.

I also tried an overhung pink 5.8 and was too pumped to do anything about it, and got two thirds of the way up a 5.10- on the steeper slab before I hit a hold I just could not stick and use.

I'm getting better at overhangs.