June 2nd, 2009

lion in winter dead

i can die when i'm done

Either due to air quality, heat, or the fact that I have been a slacker for the past couple of weeks (between houseguests and other obligations), when the GRD and I went for a run this morning I just sucked. Had to walk up all the hills, which is unusual--often, I have to walk up the big one, but it's big, what can I say? Still, I needed to get back on the wagon, and in that regard it was a success. My plan for the rest of the morning is to hit the famer's market in West Hartford and then head on over to the gym and swim. Then come back here and work on some of this reading, since I appear to be still waiting for my brain to regenerate.

However, "Wind-Up Boogeyman" is complete and just waiting for a last round of notes from my Shadow Unit compadres, and I'm beginning to contemplate getting a head start on Grail.

Soon, I need to start lining up the background reading for Smile and for the untitled second-world-fantasy-with-conquering-empire, the one that takes place in the same world as "Love Among the Talus" and Bone & Jewel Creatures. There will be a lot of background reading. I think I had better get some of these other books out of the way first. Like another metric butt-ton of criminology, for example. And maybe some of the WWII stuff.
writing rengeek stratford man

friends, romans, can't you see? my girlfriend's cat is smarter than me.

Oh, oops. I almost forgot. I seem to have a book out today!

The mass-market paperback of Ink & Steel hits the street for the low, low price of $7.99. It received a starred review from Publishers Weekly, and various other raves. I also think it and its sister tome, Hell & Earth, are probably my best work to date. Collectively, they form a duology entitled The Stratford Man.

Which involves faeries, playwrights, smooching, swordfights, and the Devil. Also, more dirty puns per square inch than anything else I've ever written.

I love it a lot. You can read the prologue and then click through to the first three scenes here.

(Conveniently, Saturday was the 416th anniversary of Master Marlowe's murder. So it's even kind of timely.)

My own current reading is the Douglas/Olshaker on historical homicides (with the terrible title), and it's the best one of theirs I've read yet. Also, creepily hysterical. Or maybe I just have a seriously black sense of humor. So far they've made me laugh out loud about Jack the Ripper and Lizzie Borden.

On August 16, the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Borden, minus their heads, were finally interred in Oak Grove Cemetary.

Somebody has the snark gene.