June 5th, 2009

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coffeeem asked how the garden is doing, and the answer is: transitional. The radish greens are knee-high: the radishes themselves are not yet fat enough to eat. The carrots and beets seem to be working away down there, and so are the leeks and onions. They'll be ready when they're ready.

The arugula is going to flower, but--for the nonce--still tasty if you like sharp greens, which I do. The lettuces are lovely, and I plan to make the first cooked collards tonight to go with a meatloaf. Mmm, meatloaf. Squirrels or birds seem to have gotten the first planting of corn, with the exception of one lone sad plant, so I tried a second planting. The various squashes and cucumbers are squashing, and one pea plant has flowered. (The rest have not, yet.) The sunflowers are up.

I have added a Green Zebra and a Black Klim tomato plant to the Amish Paste and Reisentraube, and two Cherokee Purples in a hanging basket, so with luck we will have an embarrassment of tomatoes soon. I planted a bunch of marigolds in among them yesterday.

Only two musk melons came up and the sprouts were a little bug-riddled, but they are hanging on. I'm hoping they will make me some melons anyway.

Also, black mint, lemon balm, dill, and cilantro are all working away, and I bought some basil and thyme in containers.

The rosemary is not very happy, alas. Maybe it will pull it out, but I historically have bad luck with rosemary.

In other news, I have a delicious cup of tea this morning--Mokalbari Estate East assam from Upton Tea, brewed for four minutes. I bought it with a gift certificate from a friend (thank you, friend!) and I am enormously pleased at the result.

Soon there will be revision notes from my editor for Chill. The ones from my agent appeared yesterday (yay!), which means that my mini-vacation is coming to an end. (Funny how much work is entailed in a mini-vacation.) But as for now, I'm off to yoga, and then there will be pushups (starting Week Two), and then tomorrow there will be a trail cleanup at Ragged Mountain, and then Sunday there will be a herding instinct test for the GRD and possibly rock climbing in Massachusetts if we have time...

...and of course, still working on all this research and reading...

...the days are just packed!!!
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no one can hear when you're screaming in digital

Well, the stompy boots came. And I am totally happy with them, though since they are post-Chinese Docs there's no telling how long they will last.

(I so totally don't do the platform boot thing. I want boots I can walk to the club in, and then dance in for five hours.)

On the other hand, they fit my Giant Ukrainian Calves with room to spare. The UK 8s fit my size-ten-and-a-fraction clodhoppers perfectly: if anything, I have room for cushy socks, even, and usually shoes pinch my feet until they break in. And they smell amazing. (Mmm. Leather.) Also, purple plaid lining! Aweeesome.
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we used to hate people. now we just make fun of them.

Since I have a bunch of friends and readers who are gluten-intolerant, diabetic, or (like me) avoiding refined carbs, I thought I would share the totally screwed-up but kind of delicious "brownie" recipe I found on the internets. What it makes is actually much more like mocha walnut fudge, not brownies--but it's awfully GOOD mocha walnut fudge.

With no gluten or other grains and no refined sugar. High in protein. Shockingly tasty.

Not exactly perfectly healthy and not vegan--there is some butter in there--but man. Discipline-legal chocolate sweets. Win.

Would you believe they're made with pureed beans? Frijoles negros, in my tummy. No, really. They're good.

(The Discipline is that, essentially, I do not get to eat refined carbs except for after fairly strenuous exercise. I can have all the whole grains, protein, and veggies I want. It has interesting side effects--for example, when I'm eating like this, I notice my PMS all-but-vanishes, my brain chemistry is generally better, and I can smell high-fructose corn across the room.)
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even my emotions have an echo in so much space

So my treasured friend, first reader, and long-time pal, writer and fan (and the physical model for Shadow Unit's own Hafidha Gates) cpolk has--through no fault of her own--gotten into a bit of a pickle. Which is to say, her roommate failed to pay his half of the rent in May, and did not tell her, and now she is being evicted.

She has no place to go and no way to move her stuff, and she's got to be out of her apartment by noon tomorrow. She's been on disability for a while now, so her resources are extremely limited.

We've talked her into throwing a virtual rent party, so at least she can afford a storage locker and a bed for the night until she finds a more permanent solution.

Here's one of Chelsea's stories.

Here's another.

Here's her post on her situation.

Please help if you can.

ETA: She's not set up to take paypal credit cards, so cash only please!