June 10th, 2009

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entropy requires no maintenance.

elseinternets, hawkwing_lb said: ...my kick in books is ones whose main characters recognise the ultimate futility of the universe and decide to fight it anyway.


I find it very satisfying.

And if I ever make it out of these pajamas, I'm taking the dogge for a run.

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the only grace i've ever known

Gardens are healthy. Not only do I have to go out there every morning and grub around in the damned thing, but my greens consumption has been multiplied by a factor of three simply out of the need to eat the damned thing into submission before it swallows me alive.
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he [told me] i was telling lies when i told him i was raped of a saturday

What I had for dinner tonight:

oyster mushrooms sauteed with butter, garlic, yellow onion, thyme, and garlic scapes.
sockeye salmon fried with salt until the skin was crispy
quinoa and brown rice pilaf
mango/green onion/chili pepper salsa
salad of mixed greens with blue cheese and a blood orange vinegar dressing

And a cocktail which essentially boils down to a White Russian, only with Godiva Liqueur instead of Kahlua. Since this delicious creation appears to have no name (I'm sorry, but "Godiva White Russian" is STRICTLY INADEQUATE, Internets!) I hereby dub it the Kiev Truffle. (Which is probably related to the Savoy Truffle, yeah.) (The version without cream would be a Moscow Truffle, I think.) I'm just sorry I couldn't work Illya Kuryakin in there somewhere.

Yes, I did climb tonight. Also, TBRE is working a double shift and I wanted to surprise her with a nice dinner when she gets home at midnight.

One good thing does not fix two bad ones. But it does help us to remember to breathe in anger and breathe out compassion.

In Washington, a white supremacist terrorist has shot and killed a security guard at the Holocaust Museum. I choose to regard it as a symptom that they are desperate, though that makes no difference to the martyrs they make.

And in Ireland, one man's courage awes me. And maybe changes the world a little.
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It doesn't have a title or a plot yet, but I have just written the first 700 words of the untitled second-world fantasy with conquering horsepeoples, trade routes, and exotic trade cities. I'm kind of excited. Now I just need a female lead.

I am totally making this up as I go along, so far.

But the male lead has a name and a backstory, and the book has a first sentence.  That's half the battle there.

What? Oh? The first sentence?

Well, subject to change, but so far it's: Ragged vultures spiraled up a cherry sky.

Dude. It's a new book. I'm cool.