June 11th, 2009

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The Mongolrocco novel is making me happy, currently, because I think I'll be able to use a lot of my old research on the Ottoman Empire and its intersection with the Baltic states in here.

Right now, though, I'm having fun looking at medieval maps of the world. My favorite so far, a mappa mundi placing Jerusalem at the center of the universe, with the three surrounding continents stretching off like the petals of a trillium.* Not that Europe has ever really been anything but a continent by courtesy: let's be honest here, it's a glorified peninsula.

On the other hand, this guy rocks my socks.

* Yeah, bet that was useful for getting around with.
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Poll #1414458 Name that city!

How shall Bear spell the name of this imaginary city?

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Whew. It took all day, but I have successfully drawn a map, roughed in the geography, and named the cities on the Western half of a !Silk Road. ( !China and !India shall have to wait for a different map, and a different book.)

Anyway, I have enough to be going forth on, though I need to name two mountain ranges, a plateau, four seas, a conquered people, and an obscene amount of rivers.

This is totally not going to be a Guy Gavriel Kay-esque not-really-alternate-history: I'm inventing a whole new world and geography here, with cultures and peoples that may not bear any close resemblance to any given earth culture. But since you have to start somewhere, I'm starting from the Silk Road and the Mongol Empires. And the fates alone know where we'll end up.

But I have got a list of cities. Which I shall write down here, because I have been having entirely too much fun looking up ancient nicknames for cities and then misspelling them.

Messaline, Tasafon, Asitaneh, Asmaracanda, Qeshqer, Tsarepheth, Rasa, and Qarash. La! (The real trick is making the linguistic groups plain without being terribly obvious about it.)
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