August 15th, 2009

wicked fairy bowie

mama said son love can't be trusted. it's just another weakness. we all gonna die.

And speaking of catwaxing, here's some Saturday morning link salad.

calanthe_b reminds you that asexual people exist.

Making Light reminds you that crazy desperate people will say some shit that just ain't so. (wrt healthcare issues)

oursin has a few things to say about the same.

annafdd on treating authoritarianism and hate with compassion. 

Man, in the past three weeks, I have gone from "I need to get in for my eye appointment" to "My God, I need a new prescription." It's amazing how fast that can happen. It's like there's a threshold you pass over, from "yep, these glasses are a year old" to "I can't see shit."

Well, it will have to wait for the Bantam delivery check to clear or some other money to wander through the door, because until it does, I am broke like a broke thing. And typing with one eye closed....
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i got half a dozen women I think i won't marry

Good things today: My Clarion West T-shirt came. Thank you, Neile and Lesley (the androgynously-named duo!) and all the wonderful students for one of the best weeks of my life.

Also, oh, look. Flap copy! And a pub date--Bone & Jewel Creatures will be available in March of 2010.

And a cover artist--the artwork will be by Maurizio Manzieri. I'm thrilled.

 Dark magic is afoot in the City of Jackals...

Eighty years Bijou the Artificer has been a Wizard of Messaline, building her servants from precious scraps, living with the memory of a great love that betrayed her. She is ready to rest.

But now her former apprentice, Brazen the Enchanter, has brought her a speechless feral child poisoned by a sorcerous infection. Now, Messaline is swept by a mysterious plague. Now the seeping corpses of the dead stalk the streets.

Now, finally, Bijou's old nemesis--Bijou's old love--Kaulas the Necromancer is unleashing a reeking half-death on Bijou's people. And only Bijou and her creatures wrought of bone and jewels can save the City of Jackals from his final revenge.

Yes, I wrote you a book made of steampunk and shambling undead.

I hope you're happy. ;-)