August 26th, 2009

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now my heart's like a blister from doing what I do

Got up this morning and took the dogge for a run before it got hot. (It's up five degrees in the last twenty-five minutes, and it's only going to get grosser. This is supposed to be the last day of icky weather for a while, though.) I'm pretty pleased--today my calves quit on the big hill, rather than my lungs. Go, lungs!

(My calves have an excuse: hiking Sunday, running and climbing Monday, climbing yesterday.)

Before that, I was out in the yard throwing the ball for the dogge and saw a female goldfinch, totally blase about my presence, picking seeds out of the sunflowers. I planted them for her and her ilk, so that was pretty nice.

Now, shower, laundry, breakfast, and another four or six pages on The White City before lunch. I have pears from the trees in the back yard and blackberries from the bushes in my mom's yard, and they are going inside me very soon now.

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...Yeah. You go, dude. I'll sit here and eat your eggs. </p>
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Now that I have spent two hours reading and writing about decomposition, it's time for lunch!

(1385 words on The White City. Might be more later--I have the evening free.)