August 31st, 2009

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it's amazing how much being hard at work can look like staring out the window between watching youtu

Dear Brain:

It's not time for the post-novel ennui. You have not finished a novel recently. While I acknowledge that the Chill CEM was a rather large task, which you accomplished in record time, maybe you should consider getting on the stick with either the vignette you are meant to be writing or the actual plot for The White City, which is, I note, stalled at something like two-thirds done.

Love, Bear


The problem with creative work is that it's. well. creative. Which means a lot of it takes place down in the soup, and will not be rushed.

Ah well. There are a lot of deadlines, it's true. But none of them are currently pressing. I can give all this some cooking time.
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Commensalism win!

My tomatoes all died in the blight, but I had given some seedlings to TBRE's parents, and they sent back a basket full of the Amish Paste tomatoes. Some of which are currently on the stove with some onions, garlic, a bay leaf, and mushrooms, becoming spaghetti sauce.

There's fresh basil to go in at the end, too.


On the other hand, I just had a critical taco shell failure. Black beans and guacamole everywhere...
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if only there were something between us other than our clothes

AUGUST 31, 2009

Dear Meat:

Meat, are you building muscle again? Because we're heavier but our jeans still fit, and all you want is to eat protein, exercise, and sleep. 

It is management's conclusion that these protocols are counterproductive. Our tendons will thank you for using up some of our famine reserves, rather than building additional muscle in order to haul said reserves up walls. 

We have been unable to ascertain how you are managing to maintain them while we're feeding you 66% of what you need to support this activity level, but management has long since come to the understanding that you are an extraordinary machine and you scoff at the laws of thermodynamics. However, preliminary indications are that this is somehow contributing to the heat death of the universe, and that sort of thing never ends well.

In the future, please reduce the famine reserves rather than increasing the hauling capacity.

Your Brain


Dear Brain:

Our feet are cold. Stop lecturing and go find a blanket so we can have a nap.


Your Meat
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Dear Internet,

Today, we went climbing at 50 Footer out near UConn, which is more like 35 feet.

And the easiest thing on it is a hard 5.9.

yeah, I had my ass kicked, but afterwards we ate pizza, and I did learn to rappel.

Rappeling, it turns out, is easy and fun and does not freak me out at all.

Love, Bear