September 12th, 2009

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Well, there's a picture of me up on their Facebook page, so I guess it's official enough to mention.

I've been asked to be the GoH at Eurocon 2011, in Stockholm, Sweden, and not being an idiot, I have accepted.

I look forward to seeing some of you there,

Also, eeeeeee!

I'm just thrilled to death, as you can probably imagine.
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smile your little smile. take some tea with me a while.

Oh, um, and I will probably be a bit internet-absent for a while, as... you know those eye problems I've been having? Well, it turns out it's a viral keratitis, and I can expect another week or two of discomfort and impaired vision before it sorts itself out.

I have steroids (prednisone, the wonder drug, omg) but basically, I'm unlikely to be doing a lot of recreational internets for the next fortnight or so.

So, you knwo, carry on without me, and email if it's really important.
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she got things back to front and sideways, wore her sleeve upon her heart

Ladies, gentlemen, and those of indeterminate or obfuscated gender, please welcome Chelsea Polk to the Shadow Unit writing staff.

We're amazingly thrilled to have her.

Sarah Monette will be leaving us as a staff writer after season 3, but Will Shetterly will be returning to pen an episode in 2010, which gives us a full staff roster--also including Holly Black, Leah Bobet, Emma Bull, Amanda Downum, and myself. Stephen Shipman will also be lending us his pen as co-writer on an episode in season three.

Also, the Season Three schedule is available on the BBS.
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if thy right eye offend thee, put eye drops in.

Well, my right cornea is still mostly opaque, but I did write 1359 words today despite being half-blind. I have a little under 25,00o words done on The White City, and I fear that it's structurally flawed and I'll never get the damned thing balanced properly.

This is probably a good sign that things are proceeding as they should be, and that readers will not notice anything amiss.

Soldiering on now.

Also wondering what I'm going to wind up doing for a day job next year if I don't sell a novel or two here shortly, since once I deliver Grail I am about to be out of contract to everyone on everything except a collaboration with very long delivery dates, which will not exactly keep the rent paid.

If only I had a spouse I could mooch off.

I suppose it's a sign of something or another that I'm not filled with dread by the prospect of going back to the land of cubicles. At least they have health insurance there, and I won't have to write three books a year to stay afloat. Of course, getting hired in this economy is something of a challenge.

Ahhh, the romance of the writing life.

On the other hand, that would certainly take the pressure off, and I'd have the luxury of writing at a more leisurely pace.

Guess it's time to start polishing up my resume.