October 1st, 2009

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O Perfect Timing!

The page proofs for Chill just arrived.

Due back Oct. 15.

Well, that's three days after Viable Paradise. I guess I've had worse turnarounds....

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you say i'm hurt? i will take your word.


A cramped apartment bathroom, mid-morning, The shower is running, and faint coughing floats from behind the green and purple shower curtain along with the splash of running water.


A small white and grey kjitten, stalking the shower curtain. He vanishes between the inner and outer curtains, in the time-honored tradition of kjittens everywhere.

Monkey (OC): Kjitten, that is only going to end in tears.

Kjitten (OC): Monkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey? What are you doooooooooooing?

Monkey (OC): Washing my hair! Watch it. You will not like it if you fall in.

Kjitten: (pokes head around edge of curtain, into tub) What? It's just water. Warm water! Oh, nifty! Can I come in the tub with you and play with your toes?

Monkey: (OC except for toes): Cat? You are weird.

Complaint Department: He likes water? Tell him about the cave-diving opportunities available in the toilet.