October 10th, 2009

david bowie black tie - sosostris2012

i say thee neigh

Well, another VP survived, another cast of monsters unleashed upon the unsuspecting world of publishing. Well, okay, not really.

Seriously, an awesome group of students. This year also featured the usual amazing staff, the best jellyfish ever (not on the official jellyfish night, but last night, when after the usual off-key Friday night singing (and teary farewells) there was a high-tide expedition down to the bridge), and (yum) chicken curry.

Today, some of us went down to the carousel in Oak Bluffs, and then had a little side trip through Methodist Munchkinland.

The horses are exceedingly creepy, even by antique carousel standards--the glass eyes put them square in the uncanny valley, and when you realize that the manes and tails are real horsehair with strips of real dead horse attached, the conviction that they might in fact be hellbeasts starts to grow.


Then you start thinking about the iron spike atop their heads for storing your rings (I did not get a brass one, but several VPers did)

IMG_0655  IMG_0644 ...

...anyway. *g*

Now, I goof off.