October 24th, 2009

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titties and beer. titties and beer. titties and beer.

The cats are playing tag around the bed, although the Complaint Department is trying to pretend she isn't enjoying it. Meanwhile, I've written 1010 words on the devil ponies (1401 words yesterday) and am into the climax. I will finish this thing tonight or tomorrow, I think, though it may have to wait for the second draft to grow any thematic resonance.

Now to get up, shower, take the dog for a run, go to the gym, shower again, and meet my Mom and thecoughlin at the Hartford Pet Expo to help show off Briards all afternoon.

Tonight for dinner, I think I will make tuna casserole. Because to forecast calls for torrential rains, that's why.
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i been hurting since i bought the gimmick

Today, I went to the Hartford pet expo to help my mom and thecoughlin wrangle briards.

I am le tired. Here are some photygraffs.

20090406 002

Uri. The Jeff, Banyan (better known as the LRD). There was a Scottish deerhound at the next booth, which was totally fascinated by The Jeff's facial hair and wanted to nibble it. (Deerhounds have not dissimilar goatees. *g*)

Here's Chimere with thecoughlin. Yes, there is a dog under there.

20090406 006

And here's Tison:

20090406 003