November 1st, 2009

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Death to daylight savings!

The sun is back to rising at a reasonable hour, making it that much easier to get up when I should. Although that was not made easy this morning, as I am tired with the aftermath of what wound up being a twenty-four hour party, albeit a very low key one. (We had a sleepover, as it was too far for several people to drive home last night.)

Party, Day 2, turned out to be a good idea, as most of the leftovers were dispensed with. And trick-or-treater turnout was good.

I had a good time: I hope everybody else did too.

Today is a reading day, once dog outs and yoga are accomplished (the dog may get taken for a run a little later). One month until the scheduled start of work on Grail, and I'm not any wise ready for it. Hopefully, thirty-one days will make a difference.

Anyway, time to get a move on, now. I'm sure the dog wants out.
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So I managed to get The Jeff, TBRE and me lost on Soapstone Mountain today in the dark with the full moon and the werewolves and grues hunting us through the darkening woods.

Our three hour six mile hike turned into a twelve mile hike, and would have been longer except for the kindness of a stranger who rescued us.

My feet hurt now.

Silly bear.

The view was nice, though.

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