November 17th, 2009

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Today's to-do list:

feed starving, starving, STARVING cats
play with neglected miserable lonely dog (and feed him, too, but he doesn't care about that)
accept that yoga is not happening until the climbing gym
convert starter to sponge
do dishes
take out compost
drink tea
ice ankle
farm stand for Thanksgiving shopping
coffee shop* (to work! take that, JOHN SCALZI! By GOD, I'm hitting a hundred pages today or tomorrow)
convert sponge into bread dough
take out trash
really, finish reading that book! (yeah right--but tomorrow for sure.)
hah, I did it!
drink bourbon
write book review

this week
Asian grocery store
put garden to bed
day off

(I'm just testing that old saw about being able to publish my grocery list.)

Happy birthday, Gordon Lightfoot.

*I'm going to be at the Half Moon in Wallingford around one, if anybody wants a writing date.
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we like pop. we like soul.we like rock. but we never liked disco.

As I write this (I will post it later) I am working on my laptop in a cafe. I am not fooling anyone.

And now I am home and it's later.

skogkatt made it down for the study date, and we were virtuous together. Not only did I get 2700 words on Grail, which puts me at 103 pages and 20,000 Word words.

One quarter of a goddamned book.

Yeah, I had forgotten how satisfying that is.

And I just filed my copy for a book review. So my wordcount for the day is around 3500K, and I am taking tomorrow (the hell) off.

A convenient thing about the [bracket notes] thing as I write. It gives my internal editor a place to put its bile and grue, without actually slowing me down long enough to think of the right word.

It's almost like how fast I could write when I didn't know how.

Books read since last update:

47. Margaret Ronald, Spiral Hunt
[comments redacted pending formal review elsewhere]

48. Robert Charles Wilson, Julian Comstock
Oh, my God, I loved this. It's everything those Orson Scott Card books should have been, and more so.

49. N. K. Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
[comments redacted pending formal review elsewhere]

And a nice boy gave me his comic book at the climbing gym tonight, and it looks awfully pretty. So I shall read that tomorrow, and maybe the Girl Genius omnibus I have not read yet. And then I will tell you about them.
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Climbed today and yesterday. Nothing new yesterday, just a lot of work on the slab wall (two hardish ones in the corner and a very hard one by the door that I did not finish, alas! maybe next week?) and then that black 5.8 again and a blue 5.8 that is kind of a romp.

Today, I did a 5.7 I've done befor,e but today I did it elegantly, which made me very happy. Apparently, I've learned how to backstep. I also did a new 5.8, a balancy one with a roof, and although I had to dog on the rope to rest I had repeated feelings of being in control of the climb. This is a new sensation and I like it. Alas, it did not last, because next I tried an alleged 5.9-, and I had to bail on that one on the ten tries rule, because I was not making ten feet. (Our rule is: ten feet, or ten tries before you can declare a climb too hard.) So I went back and did a little 5.6 or so on the slab. Whee!

My gym's ratings are on CRACK. That is all.