November 19th, 2009

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20090406 001 On the job.

 Breakfast today is sesame steamed buns, and the tea today is coffee, which is technically a tisane. (Later there might be some Bush Tea.)

 Today's mug: bats of the Northeast.

 Books on the table are Kelly Gay's The Better Part of Darkness and The Ninth Daughter by Barbara Hamilton, a pseudonym for my beloved barbara_hambly (!!!!) featuring Abigail Adams as a detective.

As some of you know, I adore Abigail Adams so much that she's the lead character in the only real alternate history story I will ever write. (That other stuff is contrafactual history, which is easier and more fun. "The Ladies" is six pages long and took me six months to write, and I read the entire Adams-Jefferson letters to do it. In contrafactual history, I don't have to spend six days worrying about what to call a galvanized nail in a world with no Lord Galvan. I just make shit up that sounds good.)

I'm in chapter eleven, and so far I adore this book. *keens and rocks and clutches it close*
me and a troll

stare, delete comma, sigh, put comma in.

Today, probably between 12:15 and 12:30, I will be interviewed by Barna Donovan on WSPC radio out of St. Peter's College for the show Culture Wars. (!)

There appears to be a live feed on the website, if anybody wants to listen in.... 

In other news, I appear to have hit the portion of the draft that involves frowning at the pages a lot and waiting for the book's structure to reveal itself to me. Don't panic, this happens every time! Or many times, anyway--I write a hundred pages or so and then I have to stop and wait and stare mournfully at the book and play a lot of Bejeweled Twist until I figure out what the structure really is.

It usually involves a lot of re-arranging and writing new bits, when I figure it out.

Maybe I will watch  Mythbusters and hope the solution to all my plot problems is in Kari's snark.

can't sleep books will eat me

with the sunburned hands

504 words on Grail today, and quitting here in a minute to meet friends for dinner.

Something weird has happened, in that I appear to be writing an outline. I'm not sure I have actually outlined this extensively since By the Mountain Bound, which I pretty much knew scene-by-scene before I started writing it. This one, not so much detail, maybe, but it's starting to take shape in my head. I hope the weird POV thing I want to do works out--maybe I should write the backstory first, just to get that dispensed with, and then work on the front story.

Or maybe I will just keep writing it in totally random chunks, as I have been.

At least now I have a sort of a structure to plug those random chunks into.
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