November 20th, 2009

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things get damaged. things get broken.

Today involved writing a book review and getting a tooth filled. I can feel the left side of my face again, which is kind of nice, since there was a long period where all I could feel was the absence of the left side of my face.

You don't realize you can feel your sinuses and your eye socket until you can't.

I've had kind of a seriously cruddy fortnight. I think I'm just going to watch Gone Baby Gone and eat fresh bread and roasted garlic and drink about a gallon of tea. And think about how this book needs to be put together again.

And then I'm going to start reading the next book I have to review.

ETA: oo, a BATH. desperance is a genius.
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just give me a pain that i'm used to.

The glamorous life of the writer!

Here's my to-do list for the next ten months.

# write Grail

# Schizophrenic levitation time travel vignette secret project thingy (just finished a very rough outline, and might have a draft by the end of the weekend)

# revise The White City and its attendant chapbook, which might be called "The Forty Times Forty."
# revise "The Romance"
# write "The Unicorn Evils" (with coffeeem)
#write "Spell 81a" (with stillsostrange)
#write "Uniform" (ensemble!)
# write "Ligature"

# write A Reckoning of Men (with truepenny)
# write The Steles of the Sky .

# Space opera thingy
# Vampirism thingy
# Noir thingy
# Book reviews and columns as needed

# Maybe write Karen Memory if it sells, or do some more work on it to send back out if it doesn't.
# Continue working on Smile
# Singularity Rent novel

Well, a busy writer is a writer who stands a chance of not starving to death.