November 24th, 2009

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sit back and i'll tell you we're living in fear

Audible is giving away free audiobooks for Thanksgiving, including METAtropolis.

20090406 012A thousand words last night, and 330 so far this morning. I'm slogging through the 113 pages of this book I do have written, putting things in a logical order, fixing my line of direction, and amending my "think of this later" notes to actual content. It's necessary work for the book to advance, and it feel like progress. When I'm done, the book may have a foundation, which is sort of important for one to be able to build a structure on top.

Unfortunately, at this point, I am bogged down trying to think of a coinage that means, roughly, "fanatical loyalty to an ideological meme in the face of conclusive evidence to the contrary." You know, like Oxfordians. Or birthers. Or white supremacists. Or young Earth creationists. Like that.

And the right turn of phrase is just not coming to me.

Yeah, I expect this book is going to piss some people off. But then, what doesn't?

In the meantime, here, have a photo of a cup of tea.

Tea du jour: Upton Russian Caravan
Teacup du jour: pansies
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Bwahahaha! Word coined, with some help from hawkwing_lb.

The most pertinacious sophipathologies of the twenty-second century CE were mutually exclusive, leading to the easy formation of ideological splinter groups.


(416 words)
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for one more time let your madness run with mine

What my online writer's group talks about when we're gathered together and deathmarching.

hawkwing_lb: *shares melted chocolate over vanilla icecream*
beatriceeagle: Mmmmmm.
hawkwing_lb: (yes, I do plan to die of heart failure before the age of forty, why do you ask?)
matociquala: ooo
matociquala: Well, it beats cancer.
matociquala: Cancer: evolution's last-ditch "You, get the FUCK out of the gene pool!" clause.
hawkwing_lb: :-)
hawkwing_lb: not fun, that.
beatriceeagle: *twitch*
hawkwing_lb: (although did you see the article about the research drug from Tel Aviv university?)
hawkwing_lb: (one day, they might be able to cure even cancer.)
matociquala: So we'll just get older and older and older and never die.
matociquala: Wasn't there a cautionary tale about that? *g*
beatriceeagle: Tithonus!
matociquala: eventually we shall all become cicadas
beatriceeagle: And live in baskets in the corner of heaven.
matociquala: You know, I don't really have a lot of places I can come for conversation like this.
hawkwing_lb: assuming heaven has corners!
hawkwing_lb: it might be a sphere. :P
matociquala: It might be a hypercube and have LOTS of corners
hawkwing_lb: (the one shape heaven shouldn't be is a pyramid)
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i'm held together by strings

1501 words today, for infinite virtupitude. That brings me to a total of 23,005 words, or 118 pages, which is a significant chunk of a book. It feels like we're well and truly embarked upon this journey, and the characters are starting to shake into their voices and roles.

Slowly, the structure comes together.

There's still entirely too much people sitting around and discussing philosophy when they should be blowing up planets, but that's all part of the fun, isn't it?

118 / 400 pages. 30% done!
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honeydew, holiday edition

Thanksgiving to-do list.


bake apple pies
set bread to rise
cranberry sauce
prep dressing
season turkey
prep pumpkin


assemble relish tray
roast garlic
roast turkey
bake pumpkins

bake bread
bake stuffing
bake yams
boil potatoes for mashing
all of these things are panned up and ready to go.

make gravy
peas and onions
mull wine
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