December 2nd, 2009

hustle mickey worrying

ain't no rest for the wicked, until we close our eyes at last

Thank you, Earwormmonger stillsostrange. And congratulations on finishing your draft!20090406 001

alankria, a longtime member of this community has alerted me to another fandom rescue project. A friend of hers in the Philippines is in dire need of assistance, or will find herself homeless through what seems to be no fault of her own. I urge you to read and consider if you can help.

Alex, dancingshaman, died last night while so many of you were being so generous to his wife and best friend, britgeekgrrl. Not quite ten years ago, I was a witness as they renewed their vows in a small private ceremony the day after I married kit_kindred. Kit and I are no longer a couple, of course, but--I guess what I want to say is thank you all for making this easier for Johanna. Alex was much beloved by many, for good reason.

Grief is private; compassion is grace. Thank you.

Up this morning in time for ball-throwing for sunrise again, which is less of an accomplishment this time of year than, say, July. There was frost on the grass today, and the town has finally come to vacuum the leaves. I guess I will be putting off further recording until tonight when it's dark and still. Unless there is another round of Dog Telegraph.

Tea today: Gunpowder Green
Teacup today: My aged University of Connecticut mug, old enough that it has the old UConn logo on it. However much of it is left.

And now, to drink some of it, eat a muffin, and beard that to-do list.

Ahh, the glamorous life of the writer!
problem cat

and i don't mind dying but for the love of you

Complaint Department: I shall nap in this sunbeam, and all shall be well.
Monkey: *sneaks*
Complaint Department: Fear! Fire! Foes! Sherpa Bag! MURDER! MURDER MOST FOUL!
Monkey: Sorry about that, but it's Rabies Shot Time. Also, we're going to have a little talk with that nice Dr. Pomper about cats who are inconsistent about using the litterbox.
Complaint Department: You wouldn't dare.
Monkey: Try me.
Complaint Department: It's a recognized form of social protest.
Monkey: And this is why the Soviets instituted Gulags. Come on, into the car.
Complaint Department: *complains*
Monkey: *drives*
Complaint Department: *complains*
Monkey: *parks*
Complaint Department: *complains*
Reception Monkey: My, she's certainly a vocal one.
Monkey: We call her the Complaint Department around the house. She has a complaint.
Complaint Department: *sings arias of complaint*
Reception Monkey: I can see that.
Complaint Department: You can see how I'm being treated! And now I'm LOCKED IN A BOX in a ROOM with DOGS and OTHER CATS. Don't you know who I am?!
Monkey: They have your chart. I'm sure they do.
Reception Monkey: Complaint Department, room 3. The nice Dr. Pomper will see you now.
Monkey: There, see? All safe and quiet now. Would you like to come out of that box?
Complaint Department: *emerges hesitantly*
Complaint Department: I smell dogs.
Monkey: So do I.
That Nice Dr. Pomper: So what do we have here today? Rabies vaccination and checkup?
Monkey: Yes please. Also, we have this little... social issue.
Complaint Department: Oh, no, you don't.
That Nice Dr. Pomper: Peeing outside the litterbox, are we? How old is she?
Monkey: Fourteen or fifteen. She's a rescue: we can't be sure. But old enough that I'm concerned about diabetes and liver function. As well as, you know. Evil.
Complaint Department: I can't believe you're discussing my medical details with a total stranger.
Monkey: He's your vet. And I'm going to go home and tell the Internet, anyway.
That Nice Dr. Pomper: Well, I agree with your diagnosis of evil, but that's not acute; it's chronic. Well, we'll take some blood and a urine, and if that's all clear, we'll figure out what to do about the behavioral issues.
Monkey: Already tried moving the litterbox, moving her food to where she was peeing, adding another litterbox, making sure she had quiet time away from the other animals, excluding her from the room she was peeing in--
That Nice Dr. Pomper: Well, there's always valium. It works very well in stubborn cases.
Monkey: Hear that, CD? Kitty Prozac is on the horizon if you don't shape up.
Complaint Department: 0.0
That Nice Dr. Pomper: Right. Just going to shave her throat and draw some blood here--
Complaint Department: 0.0 0.o
That Nice Dr. Pomper: Oh good, I can palpate some pee in there. And now we'll take a sterile urine sample with a hypodermic--
Complaint Department: !!!!!
Monkey: She will bite.
That Nice Dr. Pomper: So would I. There, that wasn't so bad, was it?
Complaint Department: I hate you all.
Monkey: You did this to yourself. I tried to warn you.
That Nice Dr. Pomper: Results should be back in a couple of days! See you outside!
Complaint Department: I'm a celebrity. Get me out of here!
ace the wonder dog

i found an old dog and he seems to like me.

Seven things on the to-do list became eight. Meanwhile, tomorrow's to-do list is filling up with all kinds of stuff. Argh! Email is a curse and a vexation, but at least I don't have to answer the phone.

A brief pause in our insane schedule today to pass out on the couch with the dog.

20090406 003

Giant lapdog is giant.

Dog hugs make everything better.

And now dog break is over. Back on your heads.

(no subject)

Good climbing night, for all I walked in out of sorts and sore. Floundered on a 5.8 I have sailed up before, but then nailed the next one and got a new one in the corner/in the chimney, a balancy stemmy route that's all opposition, and which includes some freaking cheerleader splits at the top. There is one actual handhold that's not a palm on the whole route.

Then I did some easy stuff, a nice 5.6 in the front corner and a new 5.6 on the slab, which I then downclimbed and did no hands. Go me!

And that was enough.

The Nice Dr. Pomper called--my mom talked to him; I was (obviously) out. He says there is nothing wrong with the PC... physically... so we are happy about that.
And now, back to the to-do list, this time in bed with tea.
bear by san

(no subject)

1576 words today, some on a blog post for; the balance on "The Unicorn Evils."

I've donated a tuckerization to the TAFF fan fund auctions. Yes, you can win naming rights to a character in something I am writing--for charity!

Auctions close on the 7th, and I am not alone!!! There are more here.

My review of nojojojo's forthcoming first novel The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is here. (as is the rest of a new issue of Ideomancer. I have some reservations, but overall, a very fine first novel.

My review of Fantastic Mr. Fox is here, at Likewise, some reservations. But who would I be if I had none?

In other news, the honeydew never ends.

Crap, this week, what IS is?

Rest of the week:

pay phone bill
call vet
and pick up script
write year in review thingy
think about Secrit Project email from kyle
tax paperwork
stuff for ROF
wash charred stuff out of self-cleaned stove
make bread dough
fold laundry
package other books
write rec letters
podcast contract
lift weights
bake bread
grocery shop
convert bones in freezer to stock: duck, turkey, lamb

clean refrigerator (TBRE says she will do this yayz!)

brush dog
record some more "Knock on Coffins"
post office
write "The Unicorn Evils"
yoga (x3 x2 x1)
run (x2 x1)

make miso (friday)
make something in an alfredo sauce (saturday)