December 9th, 2009

always winter

they'll never want to see a rake or a plow, and who the deuce can parley-vous a cow?

20090406 008 Ahh, tea. Today's tea is gunpowder green mixed with peppermint, as a cure for shoveling. Today's teacup is Paraphilias Involving Bunnies, which I have had since just before college.

Today's morning temperature is 32 degrees on the dot.

And now I am on the job, having been up since seven doing needful snow-related things (and making tea).

It was pretty out there--white snow, black dog, grey morning. (Wasn't that a Joy Chant book back in the day? I should really reread The Grey Mane of Morning one of these years.)

Here, have a holiday card image:
20090406 005

And here's one I took for buymeaclue, in which we can see how inconvenient a long coat can be in heavy snow:
20090406 006
writing shadow unit chaz gravity

i saw judas iscariot carrying john wilkes booth

So I had carrot cake and milk for dinner (what? It's veggies!) and I am having bourbon and tea for dessert. Being a grownup has its advantages.

I did indeed attempt that (unrated, but ptobably a 5.8) route on the skywall tonight--twice; the second time I got two holds higher than the first. But I failed to unclip the pro without pumping out and losing my grip, and once you're off this sucker you ain't getting back on. I think I can do it, though--I made it up the overhung part and started the transition to the vertical, and this particular route goes up the corner rather than across the roof, which is much, MUCH more doable.

Monday we try again.

As warmup for that, I did the easist 5.6 I could find (really did not want to get pumped) and then I went out back and did a moderately overhung 5.8, though not the one on the big wall (which I really need tocome back to). I finished the night on the slab, because I fell twice on the crux on that second 5.8 (turned out the trick was to stop messing around with the feet and just go big on the left foot left hand, because the right foot I was trying to step up on was useless except to balance against) and the second time I fell I almost stuck it... which is, of course, how you hurt yourself.

Anyway, I tried a pink route that Jeff suggested (It's not rated yet, and I had been avoiding it because it looked sketchy and out of my price range) and I sent it. Not without falls, and I did not do the headwall with elegance, but I sent it. Then I dropped down the headwall and kept working on that move on the yellow route on the same rope that still defeats me... and was defeated by it.

However, when I went over to check the "how do you rate this?" wall, it turns out that more than 50% of respondants were calling the pink one a 5.10-... which means, if the rating sticks, it will be my first 5.10.

Here are some photos of the skywall, by the way, so you can see what a beast it is. This is the front room's old paint job: it's much prettier now, having been done in red rock murals some time back. That horrible thing you can see off right in the second photo (the one taken from an elevation--which is to say, the stairs up to the bouldering cave) is the barrel vault, famed in song and bitching. The part you can see in this photo, where it bulges out there, is on top of ten feet of steep overhang.

The red route I have been talking about, the balancy one that's all splits and stemming, is in that back right corner there.
The route I am working on goes up the vertical wall on the right of the Sky Wall, crosses the overhang at the top (there where it's in shadow), goes up that corner alongside the roof, and then straight up the vertical.

I may be figuring out this climbing thing. I am pretty pleased with me tonight.

criminal minds rossi tv

I have a TV show that makes Phil & Kaja Foglio jokes. This is my world, and I am living in it.

Criminal Minds 5x10, "The Slave of Duty," written by Rick Dunkle, directed by Charles Haid.

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I would just like to say that, looking ahead, I am totally geeked that they are doing an episode entitled "The Uncanny Valley" and i really wish I knew who was writing/directing. And I am also geeked that Jim Clemente is doing another ep for them. Win.