December 11th, 2009

phil ochs troubador

i had not become a cephalopod. i still had legs and arms.

Stayed up late last night writing another thousand words on "The Unicorn Evils," which puts my workdcount for yesterday at a more-than-respectable 3200, which feels like accomplishment.

And now I am blowing off yoga class, under the tanaise-originated "World so cruel, bed so warm" protocol, with my own "cats so snuggly" amendment. Also, much of the midpoint of last night was a wash on the sleeping front, thanks to my endocrine system (I almost got up at 3:45 AM out of boredom but gutted it out and managed to eventually get back to sleep around five. I mean, if I had gotten up, I would have been super-prodictive already, but at what cost?

Anyway: cat drugs appear to be working (No wonder they give this stuff to neurotic housewives; stops 'em pissing in the corners) as I have now actuallly witnessed the Complain Department using the litterbox often enough to bribe her shamelessly every time she does so. (The cat who does not like cat treats--ANY cat treats--totally flips her lid for Greenies. I dunno what is in those things. Maybe diazepam.)

Of course, this means the Kjitten also gets bribed when the CD uses the litterbox, because we believe in a cultish application of peer pressure around here, and also he can hear me open the bag.

Anyway, I should probably get out from under these cats and feed them (because apparently I am the only Food Ape (tm autopope and feorag) around here who can actually remember to put food in the bowls of a morning*) and let the dog out and feed him, and then get to work--as apparently we** are not going to yoga class this week, and I am seriously okay with that. In fact, I might be seriously okay with not leaving the house at all today, although I should get to the gym and lift weights and run... unless I decide to go climbing tonight just for the hell of it.

*Well, it does mean I have a fuzzy organic alarm clock or two.

**and by we we mean I

david bowie black tie - sosostris2012

this armor's different pieces were delivered from different places

20090406 002
Temperature this AM: 17 degrees (It's up to 21 now)
Tea today: Upton Cape Cod Cranberry, which I always have a hard time not eating as a snack, as it's basically chopped up cranberries and apples and maybe some clove? Anyway, it smells spicy and wonderful and does, in fact, taste okay nibbled on....


When it comes to dried fruit, I'm weak, what can I say?

Teacup today: Japanese bamboo

And now it is time to start inserting the pathetic fallacy in this scene where I forgot about the weather. "The Unicorn Evils" first today, I think, since it's hot in my head, and then Grail. Since I'm blowing off the gym, I'd better get some work done.

Other goals today include making a key lime pie and possibly chocolate cherry muffins, as key lime pie is not really breakfast pie*. I mean, it has fruit in it, which is one of the key ingredients of breakfast pie, but it wouldn't go well with cheese and it has a graham cracker crust.

*Breakfast pie. What? It's a Yankee thing. Pie is breakfast. It's fruit and pastry, right?

Yeah, I never understood why west coasters and southwesterners were horrified by the idea of breakfast pie until I attended my first Thanksgiving in Las Vegas, and there was nary a pumpkin, apple, blueberry, or rhubarb pie in sight. Instead it was acres of pudding and Kool-Whip. Talk about yer culture shock.

criminal minds garcia technopeasant

i loved your son for his sturdy arms

Oh, good gravy. Apparently, my friend and colleague Dr. Peter Watts is in some fairly serious legal trouble with the US Border authorities, who allegedly beat him, pepper sprayed him, and detained him--and are now charging him with assault of a federal officer.


...well, you know the drill. Help if you can, pass the word, and remember: making an absolutely enormous stink about this kind of abuse really can't hurt.

Eta: Peter's version of events.

Making Light on same.
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the weather can close the world within its hand.

Here. Because I have chocolate cherry muffins and really good broccoli/tofu stir fry (is there anything that does not rock when you put garlic, ginger, soy sauce, and sesame oil on it?) and I can't send those through the internets, have something else wonderful.

It's almost enough to make me wish I had this falling in love thing figured out. Which, given harsh experience, is saying a lot.
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ace the wonder dog

to be barefoot on the driveway as they wave and ride away and to run inside and curse the open door

Oh the things we do for kids and animals. Out in the backyard with the flashlight in the 24-degree night, throwing the ball for the dog so he can have his supper after.

One of the nice things about having Chaz Villette in my head is that his stress response is to cook. Not only am I becoming a better baker, but I get to eat his cooking. (Some of my characters are a little possessive of my headspace. Ahem.)

So tonight I made whole wheat chocolate cherry muffins (with black cocoa) (which needed more sugar, I think)

20090406 005

And a key lime pie.

20090406 004

Come over. Help eat.

...all right, time to head upstairs to pay attention to the cats and get some work done on Grail. Since I got 2K on "The Unicorn Evils" this morning and afternoon.

Now the burning question? Tea or beer?

...tea, I think. I know, I'm a failure as a bad influence sometimes.