December 14th, 2009

can't sleep books will eat me

if you lose your money lose your life

Well, that's 1800 words for the day, and a third of a book by MS word count. And I appear to have finally found the plot, so if I can make the 150 pages of setup the readers will have to get through interesting, I may have a publishable book here eventually.

Mean things: epistemology, mind control, social tyranny, toxic memes, minority rule, oligarchy. The usual, really. I need to blow something up.

Maybe tomorrow, or Wednesday.

In any case, now time for a little nap or something before massage therapy appointment, food, and climbing.

tea today: market spice
temperature this morning: 34 degrees
teacup today: cat in a filing drawer

33100 / 100000 words. 33% done!

166 / 400 pages. 42% done!
writing dust bible 'house of dust"

he always was a painter and he left me his suitcase


Realized today that I started Grail about 130 pages too early, and, in fact, the first scene is the scene I wrote today. Alas, the life of the working writer.

Howeveer, I may be able to recycle some of that earlier stuff. I just need to remember that in an interesting novel, terrorism comes before politics, rather than politics before terrorism.

On the other hand, that route was a 5.10a, and I sent it again today. Also got a new one I think is a 5.8, and while I did not get a hold higher on the sky wall monster, I did get unclipped today. Wednesday, the goal is two holds higher. Dammit.