December 24th, 2009

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i treated her nice and she followed me home...

...and there was nobody there to tell me that i couldn't keep her.

20090406 And this is why the Inauthentic Borscht recipe calls for grating the beets in a clean sink. (I pour boiling water into mine to rinse after I scrub it down, before using it as a food prep surface.

Mmm. Beets.
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my baby turned around and started up again

It's a December Non-Denominational-Gift-Giving Day miracle! Two much-delayed checks have arrived today, along with a copy of the Russian SF magazine Esli, with truepenny-n-my space pirate story "Boojum" innit.


And now time to start that haaaaaaaaaaaaaaam. As soon as I find the recipe...
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