December 27th, 2009

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it is better to light a candle, etc.

20090406 005

Finished candles.

I really like the blue one.

I should eat something and work for a bit before it's time to go climbing with buymeaclue, The Jeff, and TBRE.

In other news, the rain and warmth came overnight, and now the snow is gone. It was a special delivery, just for Christmas.
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i'm miles from where you are, i lay down on the cold ground

20090406 006
Teacup today: cabbage roses, a gift from ctwriter.
Tea today: Mokalbari East
Temperature this morning: a balmy fiftyish

Sebastien is having a fraught conversation with somebody he's never met before, who knows him uncomfortably well. I have just skipped the climax and am working on the denouement.

ETA: And a very brave neighborhood cat is apparently using our back porch as a base of operations, as there are two Green Bits (TM) on the steps. I wonder if that was the end of our Kitchen Smouse.
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don't talk of worlds that never were the end is all that's ever true

Around 600 words on The White City today, and still waiting for it to tell me how it goes. I wrote the last scene (denouement), and the closing sentence, but I'm missing like four scenes that comprise the climax.

It's interesting writing Sebastien in a situation where he is NOT in charge.

Tomorrow is a work day. God damn it. I will have focus and I will get somewhere.

Well, time to stare at it  for a while again.

life is a thump ripe melon, so sweet and such a mess

Item the first: For anybody who thinks they might want a Giant Ridiculous Dogge on their very own, my mom and her partner have a bitch in whelp, and are expecting puppies on the ground in January if all goes well.

You can read thecoughlin's informational post here. If that intrigues you, the Eiledon Briards website is here.

Item the second: Climbed tonight with buymeaclue and TBRE and The Jeff. Did not climb particularly well, mind you, but I did get out there. Better luck on Monday. *g*
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