December 31st, 2009

bad girls firefighters

World so cold. Cats so affectionate.

help pinned under cats send assistance.

Especially since I really need to get up and ice everything that still hurts after yesterday's epic climbing success. And maybe eat something, based on the complaints my stomach is making.

And probably let the poor dog out.

Today is my last Day Off--work on The White City resumes tomorrow, and when that is done, "The Unicorn Evils." So I plan to spend today catching up on two weeks' worth of Mythbusters, reading this manuscript I am helping a friend with, and maybe taking the dog for a run since it's not too cold. Oh, and reading that damned Girl Genius collection I have been trying to get to for months now.

Tonight, the usual shindig with netcurmudgeon, ashacat, and two charming young men of my acquaintance. (And others, of course).

Farewell, 2009. So long, and thanks for all the fish.
always winter

this is ice. this is what happens to water when it gets too cold.

Forecast for tonight through the weekend is intermittent snowpocalypse, which just started.


Scalloped potatoes and spinach bread for breakfast*. Life is not so bad.

Also, Val Kilmer is fifty today. Congratulations GenX. We have officially lived longer than we ever expected to.

*TBRE brought it home. Quoth she: "I think the secret ingredient is butter." Quoth me: gnarsh chomp mwar!