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bear by san

March 2017



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writing carnival

Chaz Brenchley (desperance) passes on the sad news that Joanna Russ has entered hospice.

A great lady, and a great writer, and a personal influence of mine.


*hugs* Yeah, this is rough.
Yeah. *hug*
Damn, damn, damn.

Her The Female Man was one of the books that actually got me thinking. Damn.

Thank you for spreading the word and letting us know.
I saw this first via James Nicoll and... yeah, damn. Hell of a thing.

I probably owe The Female Man a reread. That and How to Suppress Women's Writing and To Write Like a Woman.
Aw crap. I'm sorry.
Very sorry to hear that. Russ never got as much recognition for her work as I felt she deserved.
Oh, hell. Six kinds of hell. That's desperately sad.
Bloody hell.
I didn't know she was ill; I hope her remaining days are peaceful and full of light, for surely once she is gone, there will be one less light for us. )-:

(For some reason I always thought Chaz Brenchley was one of your characters.)

So far, everything I know about this is based on third-hand reportage, and that includes Ron Drummond's reports, Chaz Brenchley, and everyone else. Nobody seems to have absolute, verifiable, first-hand news. And nobody seems to be able (or willing) to say where Joanna actually is. So I'm holding on to a grain of salt.

That said, tnielsenhayden and I are tremendously sad. She is one of the most brilliant people we ever knew. Arguably the greatest short-story writer in the history of SF. Author of breathtaking work like "Nobody's Home." We typed the manuscript of How To Suppress Women's Writing for her. We have missed her for over 25 years. What a mind. What a human being,
I've never had the pleasure of meeting her, but I wrote at least one book entirely because she influenced me so strongly.