January 8th, 2010

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she gets excited by the fact that he's afraid she might come back

You would think that three layers of cotton, wooly mitts, the hat coffeeem made for me, a wool afghan, a silly dog, a heating pad, fleecy slippers, a pot of tea, and a laptop would be enough to keep me warm. (The dog gets pushy with me when I take too long getting to work. Because while I write, he's on duty as Chief Couchwarming Officer. I think he's a little bit of a workaholic, this dog.

You would think.

Right. Exercise and breakfast accomplished, though the meat really thinks it gets more food. Maybe the cold is it attempting to convince me it will only use that chocolate bar for heating!

Today's tea: Upton Tea's Makaibari Estate Long Leaf First Flush Organic. Yum. A very nice Darjeeling which I am managing quite nicely without milk. I bought this with the gift certificate ammitnox gave me. Thank you! It's lovely!

And now, to the word mines.

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don't talk back. just drive the car.

1403 words and breaking for lunch and laundry and dog outs.

..and chatroom entertainments....

[14:51] matociquala: Today I find myself wondering when we will realize that treating international terrorism as a "war" legitimizes it, and that we should treat it as what it really is.
[14:52] matociquala: A crime, and thus a matter for international law enforcement.
[14:52] leahbobet: Mm, yes.
[14:52] katallen: :: nods ::
[14:52] leahbobet: Thing is, that requires empowering the international courts.
[14:52] leahbobet: And the US at this point will never do that.
[14:52] matociquala: and police forces.
[14:52] leahbobet: Because they won't like what the international courts have to say to them.
[14:53] matociquala: alas.
[14:53] leahbobet: So as usual, this could really all be solved by people being grownups.
[14:53] matociquala: Rule of law is HARD.
[14:53] matociquala: And you don't always get what you want.
[14:54] leahbobet: (Umf. Out of cheddar. :-( )
[14:54] leahbobet: (OTOH, out of cheddar because I ated it. :-) )
[14:54] matociquala: *blames the rule of law*
[14:54] leahbobet: Yeah, well. Fairness sometimes sucks.
[14:54] matociquala: if it weren't for that, you could go out and take the cheddar of anybody you wanted
[14:54] leahbobet: That's part of the point.
[14:54] leahbobet: heeee
[14:54] leahbobet: I can! For six dollars!
[14:55] matociquala: But you could spend that six dollars on an ARMY.
[14:55] leahbobet: And shall on my way home from errands!
[14:55] matociquala: and then get free cheddar forever.
[14:55] leahbobet: Eh, you'd just have to feed them.
[14:55] leahbobet: And they'd eat all your cheddar.
[14:55] matociquala: ...don't you bring logic into it
[14:55] leahbobet: *g*
[14:55] matociquala: I WANT AN ARMY
[14:55] matociquala: *Army costs $6 billion*
[14:55] leahbobet: Lotta cheddar, that.
[14:55] matociquala: *uses it to get $6 in cheddar*
[14:55] matociquala: *calls it a win*