January 26th, 2010

writing shadow unit reyes alpha

forget your name. forget your fear.

As part of my brain's ongoing 24/7 "Anything but Grail" project, while I took the dog for a run this morning (some of my putative thinking time), I was storyboarding Shadow Unit fanvids in my head. (If only I had footage. And any vidding ability.) Collapse )

You all should just be grateful that the dog and I got home before I started storyboarding the Todd/Reyes slashvid to the Indigo Girls "Starkville." Because I was there, baby.

(And now you know what's on my running mix.)

It was a very nice run. We're having April in January currently, and it was so pleasant out that the dog and I did an extra two thirds of a mile because we weren't ready to go home.

And now, shower and yoga and work.
criminal minds garcia plan b

mmmm hmmmm hmmmm

Someday I may stop obsessively listening to this song that I am obsessively listening to.

Today is not that day.

Writing today was like kicking dead whales down the beach, but I got through it, more or less, to the tune of 1100 words. This is more fun when it's flowing, but the work got finished, and that's what matters. I got stuck for a while and took the dog for a walk. He was grateful and I go the transition I needed.

I keep thinking I know what this book is about, and then it yet again fails to gel for me on any kind of visceral level and pull me through itself. Oh well: this is what we learn the craft for, so we can get through on skill what we lack inspiration for.

Next step, watching Hustle and signing signature sheets for Bone & Jewel Creatures, which is starting to get some fabulous reviews. I should probably eat some dinner, but I'm not actually hungry. Hurm.

156.5 miles to Isengard.