February 4th, 2010

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Back in the saddle again this morning. Still stuck on soloadventure's wonderful tea bowl. Between this and the mug thatpotteryguy made me and the one from stwish's budddy, I may never drink out of goofy mass-market cartoon mugs again. (I keep having to steal that last one back from TBRE, though. She is a black hole of tea cups.)

Today, I start revising chapter three of Grail in light of new, awful, earlier events, and the balance and spin the book has finally attained in my head. I don't expect a whole lot of new wordcount for a while, but I may suprise myself. And there will need to be Scenes of Mysterytude added, since it turns out that's what this book is. (I expected a plot coupon fantasy. That was the plan. Book One: Quest Fantasy; Book Two: Chase Novel; Book Three: Plot Coupon Fantasy.

But it just wasn't hooking together that way, so I had to go back and find a structure that did work. And now I have to go into the formless morass of what I have written and stuff the armature in, then redistribute the flesh over the skeleton to make it look natural before I animate it.

A little like reboning a boneless chicken.

Or Frankenstein's monster in reverse.

It's Thursday, which means Project:Valkyrie accountability day

Friday 1/29 : rest day
Saturday 1/30: 2 hours stacking wood
Sunday 1/31: 22 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 40 minutes swimming laps
Monday 2/1: 22 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 20 minutes yoga, 2.5 hours climbing, belaying, and hanging around gym
Tuesday 2/2: 22 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, 40 minutes swimming laps, 20 minutes yoga, 2 hours dog brushing (trust me, it's a workout)
Wednesday 2/3: 5 minutes yoga; 2 hours climbing, belaying, and hanging around the gym
Thursday 2/4: 20 minutes yoga, 1 hour archery

Virtupitude is observed!
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This probably warrants a public announcement.

I appear to have a PA, by the way. The Fabulous rikibeth* will be managing some of my paperwork and organizational morass, thus freeing me up to wonder about important things like what's for lunch, and do we have any milk left, and who killed Edward Drooooooooooooooood?

I can already sense things running more smoothly. And it's possible that boxes might actually get in the mail now.

I feel a little ridiculous, and more than a little self-important about this. But then I realize that I have worked as a PA for people much less busy than I am, and some of that fades.

*Fabulous being, of course, the traditional honorific and form of address for such Personages. You may also refer to her as "your Fabulousness."
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what lies ahead i have no way of knowing.

The Fabulous rikibeth has been and gone, and my office looks like a propaganda bomb went off. Which is actually progress, and she assures me there will be more tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I wrote 725 words on Grail, and got through editing Chapter three. Now! With narrative tension!

I think the plot graft is taking.

There will be more work after archery and dinner. Perhaps Chapter four, mmmm?
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if this is the future, we're doing it wrong.

Okay, here's the deal.

My friend hominysnark, who I have known for years and years, who is an indepent artist of the funniest water, is sick and needs surgery.

I will let asatomuraki say it for me, because I cannot improve on this:

[info]hominysnark needs a hysterectomy to keep an unpleasant medical condition from becoming a life-threatening one (it's already most of the way there) and she can't, because she doesn't have health insurance.

Why doesn't she have health insurance? Because she's self-employed, and as many self-employed creative people (she's an artist and writer) know all too well, when you have to choose between eating and having a place to sleep or having health insurance, the health insurance loses. I know this, because the hubby and I have been paying for self-employment health benefits for most of this decade, watching the cost go higher and higher while the benefits get lower and lower. We pay more for health insurance than we do for shelter, but live in terror of not having it, just in case. Because not having it could mean complete financial ruin, and destroy our children's future. It's freaking scary.

So, anyway. She needs $2700.00 for the operation, or she has to wait for her condition to become life-threatening. (It will get there long before she could save up that much, especially since she has $8,000.00 in medical bills from just having it diagnosed.) See, she falls in that sweet spot between having enough income to have health insurance or pay for health care herself and being poor enough to qualify for any sort of break from providers or government program.

I know that if every one who can will give a buck or two, maybe we can get this thing done before her life is at risk.  

Lisa is made of awesome. I know the fandom appeals seem to get thicker and thicker on the ground; I know none of us is made of money.

I do ask you to consider kicking in a buck or two for simple, basic medical care that can help save a woman's life. Or you could buy a fucking awesome T-shirt.

Your choice.

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Charity Auction Central!

All right, guys.

I have two advance reader copies of Bone & Jewel Creatures in my hot little hands.

I'm auctioning them off for charity. (The actual ARCs are much plainer than this pretty thing, which is the actual book cover, but it's your chance to read it a little sooner and save a life in the process! And get a signed Advance Reading Copy, which is pretty damned cool.)

Basically, here's the deal:

Post your bids in the comments of this entry. Same bidding thread for both books, and at 11:59 pm EST Monday 8 February, the top two bidders will win. I'll throw in something extra for the person who bids highest, and I promise it will be cool. The proceeds of one of those bids will got to help pay hominysnark's medical bills. The proceeds of the other will go to Doctors Without Borders, because Haiti's falling out of the news, but they still need a lot of help down there, and while I give blood to the Red Cross, I have a hard time otherwise supporting them because of mismanagement issues.

The person who bids highest also gets to decide which cause they would prefer to support. The runner-up gets whatever the other cause is.

Please limit comments on this post to bids or questions about the auction.

Thanks so much! Be mighty!