February 5th, 2010

froud tapestry

there's a ladder in my stocking you can climb

This morning, yoga and errands: now, work on Grail. Which I still keep calling Chill. Chill, the book that will not die.

I bought sandwich stuff for lunch, as rikibeth is coming back over today to wallow through more boxen.

My deal with myself is that if I get through two chapters of Grail, I can work on the vampire story that's still eating my head. It told me its title today, so obvious in retrospect. "Needles," of course.

And TBRE just brought me orange slices and pomegranate pips. I guess it's time to work now.

Tea today is jasmine green tea. Temperature this morning was 19 degrees.
criminal minds bad shirt brigade

the kind you don't take home to mother

2021 words on Grail. I figured out an elegant solution to a scene I was facing a nasty rewrite on, and wound up moving it earlier. Now it can be touching and foreshadowy, and I can write a new scene with with different characters to take its place. *score*

[A line of spacer text because this word meter is broken]

The manuscript stands at:

247 / 400 pages. 62% done!

Yeah, we're finally getting somewhere. Now I'm going to work on "Needles" for a little while and then either fall over and sleep, or watch something mindless on Netflix for a while.

A charity community has been set up to benefit hominysnark and aggregate all the cool auctions that were springing up all over lj. sinboy is auctioning off his ARC of Bone and Jewel Creatures, and there are many other cool things going on over at fluffybunnyfund.

Ongoing thematic arguments I keep having with myself:

class/gender/race/sexuality (social hierarchy) issues
family politics
the usefulness of things with a few chips in them
the treasonous meme of epiphantic healing
the heroism of everyday actions
comedies of ethics

Also, death-or-glory stands, especially involving some sort of brutal self-sacrifice, are a major narrative kink of mine.

Symbolically, I am all about wings, angels, amputations, maimings, really rotten love affairs (I think I've written two pretty decent/sane relationships in all my writing life: Carel and Autumn, and Gabe/Jenny/Elspeth--well, hey, I suck at relationships in real life, too!), dragons, lighting conditions, and poking out people's eyes. And probably some other stuff.